Big Brother Africa 2013 “The Chase” Zimbabwean Contestant,Pokello Nare’s Sex Tape Leaks

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During her debut appearance on the Big Brother Africa stage on Sunday, Big Brother Africa host, IK Osakodiuwa asked Zimbabwean housemate, Pokello Nare, how she felt about the nude photos she posted on her Facebook wall. And she said she just loved doing crazy things. That must explain why her sex tape would leak just a few days after she entered the BBA house…exploding into a full-scale scandal. I understand several Facebook pages have been created to muster fan support to vote Pokello out of the game. The sex video shows Pokello and her boyfriend Desmond Chideme, a “Zimbabwean urban groover” …whose nickname is ‘Stunner’ having sex without protection. However, since she went into the BBA Season 8 House, the video including pictures resurfaced and has gone viral with some viewers now calling for her eviction from the House.
The sextape was reportedly shot using Stunner’s iPhone and then converted into an avi format. People believe Nare released the video herself because she was waving at the camera during the filming.
Also reports shows Zimbabweans are quite upset that she was selected to represent them in the House. E-reports that it is feared that Nare who is associated with a damning pornographic video, may at any time in the upcoming few days tarnish the image of Zimbabwe as has been before with figures such as Makosi Musambasi who shamed the nation by being intimate on live international television. At the time of writing, Narehad already exposed herself to international mockery after twerking her body in a shameful act as she accepted the title “Delicious Delilah”.
Harare-born Nare has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communications and owns a luxury shoe boutique. She enjoys pasta, spaghetti bolognaise and prawn cocktail.
She describes herself as “dynamic, captivating, intelligent, beautiful & hilarious” and says that the best thing about her is that she’s head-strong and a woman of real substance. “When I speak, I speak with depth and confidence,” she says. She admires people who are selfless and filled with humility and modesty, disliking disloyalty and betrayal.
Asked what viewers can expect from her, she says: “I am beautiful, intelligent, controlling and entertaining. I am funny and witty and I say the most humorous things.
Pokello says if she wins the USD 300 000, she’ll buy a big house for her son and herself, send him to a full-time soccer academy in London and invest in her business
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The sextape was reportedly shot using Stunner’s iPhone. He then converted the video into an avi format, and gave it to a close friend to watch, while he bragged about it.Also in the video, Stunner talks to the screen and Pokello smiles and waves. When the video ends, Pockello sucks Stunner’s penis and Stunner says ‘this girl is a freak’.Source says Pokello leaked her own video…asserting that if she didn’t want people to see it, then she wouldn’t wave at the screen.Oh my, not everyone is lucky to acquire fame and fortune through a sextape. Only Kim Kardashian was able to pull that off!

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