List Of NollyWood Actresses With Big Bóoby

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Chioma Toplis
Despite her big twin towers, this sexy Nollywood star actress loves wearing provocative dresses which always display her big bóobs. Chioma had played lots of sensual roles in home videos and the highly gifted screen goddess would not even mind going nude if her husband permits. SEE MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 Adaora Ukoh
The big frame of this screen goddess compliment what she gathered at the front. While big, bold and brainy best describe her personality, Adaora’s big mammary is another reference quality among her numerous fans.
Although, Adaora’s ‘things’ may be small when compare to few others , the gifted actress who said to have pocketed millions of naira to go bald in movie, loves flaunting what she got.

Ayo Adesanya
The sultry tube queen also is also blessed excessively at the front-side. Apart from her sensual roles in both Yoruba and English home videos, Ayo Adesanya remains one of the most gifted screen sirens, who do not hide the natural gift of nature. The lively star usually flaunts her big ‘mammary’ without caring whose horse is gored.
 Chioma Okoye
This is another well endowed rising star actress. Talk of being big, busty, bold and daring, Chioma Okoye, has them all in large quantity. Chioma has over the time carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian movie industry with her very daring roles, which often make her male admirers ask for more. Although, Chioma might be on the quite side, she always grabs the opportunity to flaunt what she got whenever she feels like.
 Cynthia Agholor
This bold and blunt rising screen star doesn’t pretend that she got bóobs to flaunt!
Though, size of Cynthia’s well shaped twin-tower might seen her losing some points to the likes of Cossy Orjiako and Ronke Ojo, this only child of her parents will definitely take a comfortable position among the actress, who loves flaunting their busty bóobs.
Moreover, contrary to haters belief that the star of numerous hit flicks like Villager Toasters, Never Too late, Year 2000, First Love, and many others, seeks attention with her bust flaunting style, the bubbly belle belong to the school of thought which says, “If you have it, flaunt it!
 Karen Igho
It’s no doubt that the U.K-trained model cum actress has made name as the first Nigerian belle to win the popular TV reality show, Big Brother Africa, Karen’s bóobs job that had earned her a place among the big breasted babes of Nollywood, is one of the reasons some movie makers have been on her trail.
Despite the fact that Karen is unhappy with slanderous comments from the critics, who always judge her by physical appearances, all eyes seem to be always on her crafted twin-tower.
Ronke Odusanya
Call her Miss Endowed; you may not have been wrong. Not only that this rising star actress is frontally blessed, Ronke’s butt can also make men go gaga. No wonder her sobriquet, ‘Flaky Ididowo’, which she got from one of her numerous flicks, fits perfectly well.
The famous girlfriend of Fuji music sensation, Pasuma, rarely bares it all in public, Ronke’s big bóobs, have earned her more male fans and secret admirers.

Cossy Orjiakor
Whether you like it or not, irrespective of how other “bóobs” may be Bóobsie Cossy will definitely pick the crown as the topmost queen among the queens of bóobs in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Till date the cat-voiced star actress-cum-singer with extra-sized ‘twin-towers’ has a unique manner of packaging and parading her bóobs in home videos and at events, which always leaves many scrambling to their feet to catch a glimpse. These are some one of the secrets which make Cossy’ still hold tight to the throne as the “Queen of Bóobs”.

Bimbo Akinsanya
She actually came to the lime-light with the Yoruba flick, Omo Oloja, where she played a lead role of a first class ‘call-girl’. Bimbo Akinsanya’s acting skill, and probably her well-shaped big bosom which she usually parades at will, have won her lot of sensual roles.

Bimbo Akintola
Bold, beautiful and brainy are those qualities that stand her out among her peers, but seductive roles in most home videos have earned the ebony-complexioned Nollywood star a movie bad girl reputation. Bimbo might have over the time charmed her fans, most especially male, with her carriage coupled with the way she often displays her heavy twin towers in movies.

Tayo Odueke
Her seductive role of a wayward girl in the popular old flick ‘Sikiratu Sindodo’ actually fetched her fame, face, and name she needed to be on top of her game in the movie industry.
Sikiratu Sindodo, as now fondly called, is frontally endowed and the Yoruba actress doesn’t fail whenever opportunity permits itself to display her over sized ‘twin-towers’.

Ronke Ojo
Bold and blunt best describe the personality of this fair-complexioned Yoruba Movie star who has earned herself a sobriquet, Ronke Oshodi Oke, because of her extra-large ‘twin towers’. The chubby cheeked screen siren known for her sexy roles in home videos knows her onion in the movie industry and is always proud of what she’s got.

Grace Everly
Grace will ever be grateful to God for those big sized twin-towers, which are probably among those qualities that fetched her most roles in the movie industry. Apart from her good interpretations of characters in home videos, Grace Everly who now lives in Germany will definitely rank high among the bóobs queens of the Nigerian movie industry.

Foluke Daramola
She is another pretty and brainy star of the Nigerian movie industry. Bóobs size has become part of the identities of Flaky as fondly called by her friends. Though, the dark-complexioned International Relations graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University might not belong to the class of those who flaunt what they have, the rare gift of nature which is an added advantage whenever she plays sedu ctive roles in movies, always get her noticed where ever she goes.

Jennifer Eliogu
This Nollywood actress will definitely pick an award at any big, bold and beautiful screen idol awards event; the jelly-jenny of the English genre of Nollywood is also one of the very few talents blessed with extra-large sized mammary gland. Though, the size of her “mammaries” might have not won her many seductive roles in movies, Jennifer would never go unnoticed with such a rare gift of nature.

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